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Welcome to the unofficial Winner's Dinners library.
For those who miss his weekly column here are all 1010 "Winner's Dinners" articles which Mr Michael Winner wrote for the Sunday Times, from the first to the last.

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The worst meal I've ever eaten = A truly horrible experience = Beyond belief awful = Utterly ghastly = Die of starvation = Ghastly beyond belief

Revolting, ghastly, pathetic and dreadful = Worst meal I ever had in my life = Absolutely terrible = Dined at a disaster level = You think I'm ghastly . . .

Total, unmitigated disaster = Almost indescribable = Actively revolting = Most awful hotel experience = Disaster from start to finish

It was diabolical = Miserably grotesque = I went ballistic = The ultimate indignity = Ugh, ugh, ugh = Wye bother = Waste of space

The worst meal of all time = Absolutely terrible = This is unbelievable = Get me out of here! = Daft performance = Ear contamination = Most ghastly

None more dreadful = Horror spectrum = Recounting the horrors = Old rubbish = Fire the chef